3 September 2010

A Phone Call

Finally we have an appointment and I'm so glad we switched to Liverpool Women's Hospital!

As usual, things couldn't be simple. Our doctor's appointment had been on a Friday, and first thing Monday morning Mr Goldfish stopped in the office to change our hospital choice. (You may recall there was some confusion about what we were actually being referred for.)

After waiting two incredibly long weeks we finally got a letter...from the wrong hospital. The letter was written to 'Dear Couple' and said we'd been referred for 'possible IVF treatment' . It was cold and brusk asking about my weight, height and habits.

Mr Goldfish rang our doctor to check that this was just because we'd be referred to two different hospitals, but no. They'd never submitted our request. So last Tuesday they finally referred us to Liverpool Women's Hospital. I hated waiting another two weeks, but a delay now would be better than one later!

Imagine my surprise when today I got a phone call! A lovely lady asking when I would be free for an infertility appointment. I may get another horrible form in the post, but I was first contacted by a real person and I definitely have an appointment. All in just over a week! Hurray for Liverpool Women's!

I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is terror or excitement, but now I've got a date:

The 28th of September.