31 July 2011

Crash of the Elysium

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Two weeks ago I went on an amazing adventure! We’d bought tickets for an exhibit about the crash of the Elysium. The Elysium was an 18th century ocean liner that was tragically shipwrecked. A museum curator went through the history of the Elysium, showing us the pictures that run across the top of my collage. He also told us about Valentini’s circus which popped up next to the crash site to entertain visitors. Suddenly sirens sounded and two military officers ran into the room. They quickly had us lined up and running like mad for an unknown destination. Then Captain Solomon and Corporal Albright demanded we put on white dust suits as fast as possible and sent us running down an eerie smoky corridor till we arrive at the base of a crashed space ship.

Part of the Manchester International Festival, Crash of the Elysium is an interactive theatre experience by Punch Drunk. Designed for children between the ages of six and twelve, participants must help save the Doctor (Who) and the Tardis. There are less than twenty people in each group and new performances starts every ten minutes. Three types of show were available, a children only show, family shows where one adult is allowed in per child and special adult showings for those who can’t find children to borrow. It was one of the adult shows we attended.

It was truly brilliant! We solved puzzles, travelled through time and ran from monsters, grown women were screaming and grabbing the hands of any nearby stranger (and that wasn’t just me!) I’m not sure how much it will tour, but if you get an opportunity to see Crash of the Elysium I’d absolutely jump at it! A really unique experience, all it requires is a willingness to suspend your disbelief.