21 July 2011

Vintage China

vintage teacup

It seems for the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to keep up, but here’s my Gallery entry even if it’s a few days late. This week’s theme is Vintage and I immediately knew what I wanted to photograph: my grandparents Royal Albert china.

I was never especially close to my paternal grandparents as I lived in Canada, but as their only grandchild I inherited the tea set when my grandfather died in 2001. It’s not an especially valuable pattern, just an unnamed Countess Set. It was probably sold as an entry level tea set, intended to be used as a second set for people richer than my family. Based on the back stamps I believe it was issued in about 1919 and then again in 1945. My set is a mix of the two, which suggests that someone in the family was a bit clumsy. Well that and there were only 5 teacups.

I don’t get much opportunity to use the china, as the set only includes small plates, but one of these days I’ll host a pretty party serving posh little sandwiches & delicious cakes.