27 July 2011

A Nice Evening Ruined

The plan tonight was to have a quick meal out and then come home to watch a film. The dinner part went fine, but when we arrived home we noticed that every one of our car’s tyres were flat.At first we thought it was just a malicious prank, as the valve caps had been removed, but when Mr G went out with the foot pump he discovered they’d all been slashed.

Our Focus

I took this photo the day we bought the car, and this is where we've parked the car in the 2 years since.

We live on an awkward little paved close, so there are about 16 houses sharing just four ‘parking bays’ (for parking bays, read turning circle – which means it’s a complete nightmare getting out of our street if there’s no space.) Rather than fight with everyone for these spaces we park round the corner on the main road, which means a walk past six houses for us.

A few weeks ago a young woman pops out of the house across the road from where we park. She asks if we can’t park somewhere else, adding some rather weak excuses that don’t quite make sense. We’ve changed where we park a few times now when people gave us good reasons, which means there’s already several place we know won’t work. So we explain and leave the car where it is.

That’s the only conversation we’ve had with a neighbour in months. I certainly hope it’s a coincidence, I’m not sure we can afford it to escalate. As it is, it’s been a very expensive episode for us. It’s a relatively new car and would cost £600 to replace all the tyres with like-for-like.

One the plus-side we’ve had opportunity to speak to one of the newer neighbours. (We’ve only spoken once before when he asked Mr G how I was doing in hospital. He’d seen the EMTs rushing me to the ambulance.) Paul’s very friendly and came out to make sure we’d seen the car tyres. He also offered to watch the car for us if we can park it on our street. So even if we found out how awful some people can be, it also gave us opportunity to meet a really lovely neighbour (though I wouldn't want to get on his bad side!)

UPDATE: We've now found additional damage which does look like someone tried to break into the car. Hopefully this means it was just a random attack.