28 September 2011


Central Pier
I know Blackpool has earned a reputation for obnoxious hen parties & tacky seaside tat, but I have a soft spot for this mocked town. For me Blackpool is full of hidden gems. Where else in the country can you ride historically listed faire rides like the Steeple Chase, the Flying Machines, the Derby Racer & Alice in Wonderland? The historic North Pier let's you step back through time, and the Blackpool Illumination capture that childhood sense of wonder.

We're lucky, for us Blackpool is an easy dayout. Last weekend I was invited to tagged along with my in-laws to see the Illuminations. I was impressed with the new beach front and took some glorious photos from the Centre Pier. I love walking along the beach paths, the still horizon combined with the sound of incoming waves stills something in my heart.

Untitled Untitled
The only disappointment of the day was on the walk back. We started from the town centre and planned to walk past the tableues on our way back to the car. Half way through they closed the footpath around a new tram stop. Rather than direct us across the road we were detoured BEHIND the display! Once on the detour there was no way to return to the road. We missed many of our favourites like the Four Seasons, Five & Twenty Blackbirds, and the looping motorcycle.

I understand that construction can't be helped, but surely they could have had us across the road so we'd still see the Illuminations. The current solution just leaves people angry and disappointed.