20 September 2011

Unexpected Phone Call

This wasn't the post I was planning for today, but I've just received a phone call that's set my world off kilter.

My next thyroid hospital appointment was set for October 3rd.  After my last test in early August I hoped they might act a bit quicker, but after a few weeks of silence I figured they weren't concerned by my results.

I just received a phone call from the Liverpool Royal's Linda McCartney Centre asking me to attend an appointment on Thursday morning.  I was surprised, as it was a different consultant and in a different department but nothing about my treatment has gone smoothly.  I didn't think much of it till I started looking for a hospital map.

The Linda McCartney building is the hospital's cancer centre.

Logically I know that there could be a hundred other reason for the appointment.  They may just want to check it isn't cancer.  It may be that all thyroid surgery is run through the cancer department as they are specialists. It maybe that this doctor is the most experienced thyroid consultant, and I've been referred because I'm awkward.

But I'm still a bit freaked out.