10 October 2011


This week Sleep is for the Weak asked us to think about collections.  I’m afraid feel a tad guilty about my collection, see I have a passion for tableware specifically Emma Bridgewater china. It’s a bit unquakerly to buy things just because they are lovely, but at least these are practical.
In fact there are several reasons to love Bridgewater china, it’s hand-made in Stoke so there’s very few transportation miles. It supports British workers and designers, and even though it’s expensive - it means the cost hasn't been artificially reduced (often at the cost of the planet or foreign workers).  And finally because it’s collectable it should always have value. It’s not the type of product that will end up in the rubbish; instead it can be sold or passed on to someone else who will love it.
I’ve received most of the pieces as birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents.  I love the bold patterns and how they can be mixed and matched.  While they aren't our everyday tableware, I love any excuse to bring them out and they've become a traditional part of our Thanksgiving dinner! I still feel a bit guilty about my Bridgewater collection, but I try to remember just because something is expensive doesn’t actually make it bad.