17 October 2011

A Hard Week

This has been an unbelievably hard week.

It started with a long torturous wait for my test results. When the doctors first mentioned cancer I wasn’t too worried; I knew the odds were in my favour. But after a couple of days I also remember just how bad my luck has been over the last year. I had this creeping feeling that it would obliterate our last chances of having a family.
But the night before my hospital appointment we found something new to worry about – my cat started spinning. It sounds comical, but Mac was compulsively turning in tight little circles. He’d finally settle for just a moment before getting up and circling again. I didn’t know what to do.  He didn’t seem distressed, in fact he was purring like mad, loving the extra attention I was giving him. By the time Mr Goldfish got home from work Mac was perfectly fine.
Mac Window
Unfortunately it wouldn’t last, he started circling again as we went to bed. We stayed up with him until he finally settled and decided to call the vet first thing in the morning. By 6am Mac was really distressed, the circling was finally causing him trouble, as he got stuck walking around & around the scratching post. His left side was obviously weak, causing him to stumble and he wasn’t purring any more. We suspected he’d had a stroke. He was so poorly and miserable, by the time we left for the vets I was convinced he wouldn’t be coming home. I was completely distraught, crying in the vet’s waiting room.
I turns out that my lovely cat has hyperthyroidism like me. I was so relieved when we were sent home with handfuls of tablets and my friendly, cuddly cat safely tucked in his basket. He’s still not feeling brilliant, but he’s come on leaps and bounds since that night!

Oh, and those cancer tests? I’m all clear.