5 October 2011

Social Competitions

Social Competitions
I understand that companies run competitions to get your attention.  You trade your contact details for the opportunity to win something cool. But there is a new trend that is driving me up the wall.

I’ve seen more and more competitions that require you to ‘Follow’ them on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook.  Surely the point of social networks is that you can control how you interact with people. So why are companies and blogs forcing you on to both platforms?!?  It’s not like you get different information in each channel, instead you just get spammed twice as much.  After reading the same messages over and over I just feel irritated, which surely isn’t the intention.  It’s certainly not helping their brand image.

Just as an aside, I don’t even understand this constant chasing after followers.  How does it help to get followers only interested in the free prize?  Does the quality of your followers really not matter?  Does your message really go farther if no one is actually reading it?

I don’t claim to be a social media expert, so maybe I’m wrong, but personally forcing me to interact with your brand - on your terms - doesn’t make me ‘Like’ you more.