23 October 2011

Step Down Sunday – Radiator Valves

Sometimes stepping down is as simple as asking for help. Step Down Sunday

For a few months now we’ve noticed our radiators have been getting hot even though the radiators are turned off and our heating isn’t turned on.  We can’t really afford to call out a repairman, so we’ve been searching the internet for solutions.  Mr Goldfish has since learned a lot about central heating, but nothing that would cause this problem.

It was only when we mentioned it to my father-in-law that the radiator valves were suggested.  Apparently it’s more common for the pin in the valves to get stuck in the closed position, but in our case the heads were so old they couldn’t push the pin down to close the valves anymore. 
Mr Goldfish didn’t even need tools to remove and check the heads. It turned out at least four of our valve heads needed to be replaced.  Mr Goldfish did slightly cheat on the solution.  He didn’t want to drain the system to replace all the valves, so a bit of Googling revealed that our old British Gas valves were re-branded Drayton ones so we simply bought new heads that could fit our old valves.
Thermostatic Radiator Valve Heads
So for £40 we’ve fixed the radiators and we’ll save energy and money on our heating bill this year.

Have you been making any eco-friendly changes before turning the heating on?

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