27 November 2011

Step Down Sunday - Organisation

Step Down Sunday It feels like the last few months have run away from me, and I was struggling to think of any note worthy changes we’d made - but I realised it’s not just the big things.  We're trying to change the way we make decisions and the way we approach problems - I suddenly realised I had an example of that.

This week I’ve been quite desperate to organise my desk drawers, specifically I wanted something to corral my pens so I don't have to search through the whole drawer to find one.

I was nostalgically recalling some plastic drawer dividers I used to have as a teenager that would have been perfect, so I started searching the internet for a suitable replacement. I did find this set from Lakeland which is quite similar and I was sorely tempted, but besides being a bit expensive for a bunch of plastic trays, I couldn’t help thinking it was also rather wasteful. Surely I should be able to find a cardboard box that would work?

Most of the boxes I found were much too big, but I remembered I had an empty Kleenex box upstairs. I was a bit dubious that it would work, but I’d give it a try. As I left the room with my reclaimed box I spotted a forgotten gem. Two years ago I was given a Cath Kidston umbrella, which came in an equally pretty box.  So pretty in fact the empty box has been sitting on my dresser ever since – and it’s the perfect size for pencils! I snapped it up and dashed back downstairs.
Cath Kidston Boxes
This box was just what I was looking for - it’s strong, durable and attractive. And even better because the box has a lid I get two matching trays for my drawer!

It’s not exactly impressive, but by resisting the easy plastic option I found I had the perfect solution right under my nose. I just needed the time to think of a better solution (though being a bit of a packrat also helped!)

Have you made come up with any creative eco-solutions recently?

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