24 December 2011

My Christmas List

While I love Christmas and all spending time with family, it's also a week and a half of uninterrupted time off!  Which means it's a brilliant time to finish all those things I've not quite gotten around to. Things I'd like to do over the Christmas holidays:
  1. Get rid of the 160 survey emails clogging my inbox
  2. Finish my cross-stitch bi-corn
  3. Get the new kitchen dresser finished and filled
  4. Repair my favourite blanket
  5. Get the netbook set-up properly
  6. Sort out the contacts and addresses on my phone
  7. Consolidate google accounts
  8. Archive old email, blog posts & back-up websites
  9. Reorganise Twitter

I expect this list will be added to extensively over the next 24 hours.