31 January 2012

The Before Photos

I’m cutting it close on The Gallery deadline here, but I have come up with one Photography Resolution I would love to stick to this year. So often I plan to write a blog post about a meal or activity, but when I come to write it up I’m missing the photo. So this year:

I will take more before photos.

I will take pictures of food before it’s eaten & crafts before they are done!

These lovely cupcakes are from Laura's Little Bakery in Liverpool. Mr Goldfish had only a vague idea where it was located (via @theAnfieldWrap Podcast) so it took us a while to find, but the effort was worth it!  That's a Lemon Meringue with Popping Candy on the right and Salted Caramel with Lindt Chocolate on the left. We also had a Walnut Whip, but that didn't make it home.

I usually find cupcakes rather sickly sweet, but these creations were delightful. My favourite was the Lemon Meringue, but Mr Goldfish has declared he'll need to try more before he can decide.

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