16 January 2012

Creative Challenge

Tunisian Crochet Bag
You may remember that last week I taught myself Tunisian crochet. After making a long thin test piece, I unpicked it all and started again.  This time I used only the knit stitch and hoped to make a short scarf...but I ran out of wool too soon. Unfortunately it was a very old ball of wool, so I couldn't buy another to keep going and nothing really matched.  I didn't really want to invest more money in a project I haven't planned properly, so instead I challenged myself to find a use for 18 inches of knitting.

I decided to unpick the last few rows and try my hand at a button hole -I didn't quite get the tension right, but it works. Then I found directions for decreasing on both sides - this took four attempts as the return stitches kept coming in too fast.  Then some quick stitching up the sides transformed it into a small bag.

The flap does curl which is annoying, but to be expected with Tunisian crochet. The only problem now is what do I use it for? It's lovely and soft, so may make a lovely heating pad cover - but I never actually use them. I'll have to keep thinking on it.

Overall I'm quite happy with this cheap cheerful project that let me practise my new skills.

Written for liveotherwise's Creative Challenge Linky