6 January 2012

Finished It Friday!

Cross-stitch Biscornu

I've been tempted to join The Freckle's Family Finished it Friday for ages, but that required me to actually finishing something! So over Christmas I set myself the challenge of finally finishing this pretty biscornu.

I love to cross-stitch, especially on a high-count even-weave. The problem is I have no idea what to do with them when I finish. I don't really want a houseful of framed cross-stitches, so I'm often stuck stitching wedding & birth patterns I can give away. I'd been hoping to try my hand at Blackwork when I found this pretty biscornu pattern over on Etsy.

I started the project while recovering from surgery back in April, but my hoop was too small to do the backstitched edge that pulls the whole thing together. So New Year's Day I went digging through my craft cupboard to gather the final supplies.
Biscornu Pattern
If you've never seen a biscornu before, it's just two squares sewn together. You just stitch the corner of one square to the centre of the other square's side. I'm not sure I stuffed my biscornu enough, but as I'm only using it as a pin cushion I'm sure it will be fine.

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