30 January 2012

Last Minute Changes

It’s been awfully busy the last few weeks; making plans for our holiday in Center Parcs, the Emma’s Diary Meet & Greet, and BlogCamp in April. I nearly forgot about the upcoming hospital appointments.
Genie Phone
That is until the phone call last week. Some poor receptionist called to say that there was 'a shortage of doctors' the day of my appointment and that they’d rescheduled it for the 28th of March! I’m afraid I gave her a bit of a hard time, as I was more than a bit unhappy.

We’d requested the appointment back in mid-December (to any avoid delays over the Christmas period), and to move it now would mean we’d be waiting more than three months. I wasn’t rude, but I also wouldn’t give them permission to reschedule our appointment – so eventually I was passed over to her manager.

I actually feel quite guilty about this, I’d actually asked for a phone number I could call after I’d spoken to Mr Goldfish. I’m sure there were plenty of other couples just as desperate for their appointments, and while I was unhappy, I couldn’t really see what they could do to fix the situation. Instead I was immediately put through to the manager.

I tried to explain that the change would mean we were waiting more than three months since our referral, and I’m embarrassed to say my voice cracked just a bit. So she went to pull up my records, and confirmed that our last appointment had been in May. I said yes, but that was just after our ectopic pregnancy.

I’m beginning to feel that ‘ectopic pregnancy’ is a magic word that immediately sets doctors in a panic. They seem terrified that I might burst into tears, leaving them with a hysterical woman to deal with. In this case the receptionist quickly started looking for an alternate appointment. She asked if it had to be with the same consultant, and as I’ve never actually met our consult, I really didn’t care. I’m just desperate to find out where we are going, how the ectopic pregnancy has changed our situation and what the future holds.

I was lucky in the end, the manager found an appointment that’s actually the day before my original appointment. Afterwards I discovered the change would cause Mr Goldfish some problems at work, but there was just no way to try and reschedule.

I still feel a bit guilty as I don’t want to push in front of others in the same situation, but I don’t think I could face another two months of waiting.