4 January 2012

Learning Something New

I’d love to learn to knit, but so far I’ve never found a way to hold the needles that didn’t make my hand ache like mad. So when I saw Tunisian Crochet on Pinterest, I was intrigued. Here was a way to ‘knit’ but with a single crochet hook.
I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I added Afghan crochet hooks to my Christmas wish list. A brilliant project for the lazy days of Christmas, I grabbed some left over wool and taught myself this basic stitch from Crocheting the Day Away.
It’s fantastically easy and quite quick, but now that I’ve mastered the basics I started to wonder what I can do with it (other than make scarves!) So with a bit more investigation I found another tutorial at Annie’s Attic that creates a beautiful knit finish. Just a slight adjustment on how you place the hook makes such a big difference!
I’m still not sure what I’m going to make with my new skills, but I’ve enjoyed learning a new craft!

Anyone have any pattern suggestions?

Written for Live Otherwise’s Creative Linky