22 January 2012

Step Down Sunday - Goodbye Standby

As part of our Step Down Christmas we decided to ask for some of the eco-gadgets we hadn’t been able to afford yet. Specifically we wanted to invest in something that would turn our television and assorted peripherals off standby.


After a lot of research Mr Goldfish choose the OneClick Intellipanel, which arrived the other week. While I know many people just turn things off at the wall socket, ours is quite difficult to reach – and to be honest I quite like being able to use the remote! With the Intellipanel I can turn the TV on and off ‘at-the-wall’ throughout the day without jumping out of my chair every time.

The OneClick Intellipanel is an extension lead with eight plug sockets as well as phone sockets. It has a little sensor that sits on top of the telly, similar to a Nintendo Wii sensor bar, and works with your normal telly remote. In addition to saving electricity, the Intellipanel also provides surge protection for your appliances.

TVs are quite clever these days, and shutting the power off suddenly can potentially damage them. The Intellipanel is designed to monitor your television so it has time to properly shut down before cutting the power. At the same time it also cuts power to all your peripherals, so your X-Box, PS3, Wii, and DVD players are also completely turned off - but OneClick have been even more clever! Because they’ve designed an IntelliPanel specifically for modern media systems, two of the plug sockets are always powered for your Sky+, PVR or video recorder. So you'll never miss you favourite program because you forgot to turn the box back on.

In addition to the TV & Audio IntelliPanel we purchased, there are also IntelliPanels specifically for desktop computers and another for Laptops.

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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