8 January 2012

Step Down Sunday:
Make Do & Mend Blanket

For this week’s Step Down Sunday I’ve resisted the urge to be fashionable and the temptation of new, instead opting to make do and mend.

Yellow Benetton Blanket
Despite its bright yellow colour, this is my favourite blanket. It’s a proper old polar fleece blanket, back from when they were weighty solid things. It was the only one I could find on the shop floor, and I convinced Lewis’s in Manchester to give me a display model discount. It’s wonderfully warm and toasty without being too heavy.

Unfortunately the blue ribbon edge is sewn on with a clear plastic thread similar to fishing line. As the blanket has aged, the thread has been prone to snapping. The corners came unfastened a few years ago and I repaired them, but lately large sections have come undone.
Yellow Benetton Blanket

I can’t say electric yellow is really my colour and as it’s clear the whole edging is going to unravel, I’ve been tempted to buy a replacement. It’s only because the new fleece blankets seem so thin and cheap that I’ve resisted.

But now that we’ve made our low-carbon commitment I really can’t justify replacing such a good blanket. I’ve been meaning to fix it for months now, but I only seem to remember in the middle of the night when my feet get caught in the holes!

So very late on New Year’s Day I broke out the sewing machine and reattached the edging. I didn’t have enough thread to sew all the way around the large blanket, but hopefully this will hold a few more years.

Step Down Sunday
Are you a proponent of Make Do & Mend? 
What have you fixed lately?

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