8 February 2012

Emma's Diary Meet & Greet

As always I’m running a bit behind. The activity and stress of the last few weeks took its toll on both my immune system and my reserves, so I’ve spent much of my free time sleeping. This of course means I haven’t had opportunity to introduce you to the lovely bloggers I met at the Emma’s Diary Meet & Greet.

I really love travelling, though I think that’s due to the fact I also love planning! Before I left I’d plotted two potential train journeys down to High Wycombe and another three for the way back - all saved on my phone in a handy spread sheet. Then by checking out the hotel website I discovered the local Park & Ride service could take me straight from the station to the hotel, avoiding any expensive and frustrating cab journeys. (Why do I always get the creepy cabby who doesn’t know where he’s going?). So other than one close call when I nearly missed my connection due to a delayed train, my down trip went flawlessly.

Unfortunately I didn’t survive the night so well. Sleeping is always a problem when travelling, but there was no way I could carry my extra bed padding with me. I’d rung the hotel and asked for an extra duvet, which I hoped would help, but it wasn’t enough. Even after taking pain killers to get to sleep, I awoke at 4am convinced I was sleeping on a wooden board. After that I only managed a couple hours sleep at a time, so I’m afraid I wasn’t at my best when I met everyone the next morning.

It was lovely to finally match some faces to the stories I’ve been reading on the Emma’s Diary Blog.

Representing the Baby Bloggers were @TheRareBitBlog  and her daughter Elle from The Rare Bit & @ellatamsen and her son Oliver from Bell's Little One.

@JumblyMummy from Mellow Mummy & @liveotherwise from Making It Up are Emma's Pregnancy Bloggers. I met @liveotherwise and her adorable Smallest child at dinner the night before. (Turns out Smallest and I share a love of cats.)

New blogger @JamieLeighSS and I are the trying-to-conceive bloggers, and poor @kiphakes from Kiphakes.com was the sole daddy blogger (though he did bring his wife @LozzieHakes along for support).

Sanatogen Pregnancy Supplements
& Palmer's Tummy Butter
While there we also had opportunity to meet several of Emma's brand partners. We chatted to the lovely people from Philips Avent, Avon, BambinoMio, Aldi, Tena, Bonjela & Karvol, Palmers and Sanatogen. After writing about how much TTC has cost us so far we really appreciated the complimentary Santogen supplements. We also got a lovely goody bag from Palmer's which Mr Goldfish appreciated. He's hoping I get pregnant soon just so he has an excuse to use the Palmer's Tummy Butter, apparently it smells delicious!

So after a busy day of chatting and making new friends, I started the long trip home. Unfortunately the way back wasn't nearly as enjoyable. I had much longer waits on cold stations and never really found opportunity to get dinner. Plus someone took my seat on the main train, leaving me to sit across from the creepiest toff I've ever encountered, which I may have posted grumpily to twitter at the time. Overall it was a fun mini-adventure and a brilliant opportunity to meet new people.