13 February 2012

Something I Love

LAB and Albelli This week Mammasaurus from Love All Blogs has asked us to share a photo of something we love for her Valentine's Day competition.

I’m sure some people will think me shallow or even pathetic for listing my weekly Starbucks latte as something I love, but it's truly the highlight of my week.

My Favourite Starbucks Besides the fact they serve fair trade coffee and make soya lattes, I go to Starbucks so I can curl up in their big comfy chairs and relax. It’s a chance to feel normal, a place where I feel like everyone else. In a way it takes me back in time, to when I was young and life still was full of possibilities.

I went to my first coffee house when I was still in highschool, it was a small independent place called Trivium. It was one of the few places teenagers were welcome to gather and chat. Ironically it was Starbucks’ heavy handed tactics that forced Trivium to close, and I boycotted them for several years as a result. When I went to University the local coffee house was an escape from the long hours in studio, where we went to chat, gossip and relax.

Back them my drink of choice was an Italian Cream Soda, an odd concoction of plain soda water, flavoured syrup and milk, cream or half & half, but since moving to Britain I’ve come to appreciate the lovely warmth of lattes.

An oasis of calm that comes with a sense of independence and freedom, curling up with a Starbucks latte is something I love.
Starbucks Mount Street, Manchester
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