19 February 2012

Step Down Sunday - Car Pool

For this week’s Step Down Sunday I had a bit of help. As I mentioned the other day, since joining the Women’s Institute I’ve had a very busy schedule. Dragging Mr Goldfish out every time I want to go somewhere just doubles our car mileage and our carbon footprint.

The lovely @Chouxchouxbedoo who blogs at the identically named Chouxchouxbedoo, lives nearby and offered me a lift to this week’s WI meeting - pointing out that it would help towards reducing our carbon footprint. It's been so long since I had local friends it had never really occurred to me to car pool.

I still plan on taking some refresher driving lessons, so I can do my share of the driving, but I’m going to make more effort to offer people lifts and reduce our environmental impact.

We had a brilliant time at our second WI meeting. We're still in the early stages, which comes with a fair bit of paper work, but I've already signed up for a quilting workshop. I really appreciated the chance to chat over a quick crafty ice breaker. We made these cute origami bookmarks for Valentine's Day.
Origami Heart Bookmark
Going back to our earlier Step Down Sunday on Tetra Paks, we’ve also found a local place to recycle them! Turns out that the large Tesco in Warrington still has a Tetra Pak collection box, so we won’t need to post them any more.
Tetra Pak Recycling Box @ Warrington Tesco

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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