5 February 2012

Step Down Sunday-Make Do & Mend 2

My mum has an amusing story from when she was young, when my grandmother decided their duvet was in desperate need of a clean. My grandmother unpicked the stitches and pulled out all the feathers out of the duvet so she could put the cover through the wash. When she returned, she found her impish daughters jumping in the huge pile of feathers, sending them everywhere!
Shredded Polyurethane Foam Pillow
Last week I took that story as both inspiration and warning when I decided my pillow was in desperate need of a clean. One of the irritating side effects of my Fibromyalgia is that I’ve turned into the 'Princess & the Pea'. Even a fold in the sheet can keep me awake, so mattress springs often feel like cheese wire cutting into my skin. I’ve also discovered normal pillows are a problem. If I accidentally put my hand under my pillow in my sleep, my ear wakes me up with maddening pain. I found my salvation in a shredded polyurethane foam pillow from Muji.
Shredded polyurethane foam
Unfortunately it’s an oval shape and I never got around to making a cover for it, so it’s in desperate need of a wash. I unpicked the stitches and pulled out all the foam – but learning from my grandmother’s experience I decided to pack the foam into giant Tupperware boxes first!

For such a small pillow there was a surprising amount of filling! This is just what could fit in the box, and I needed to find a second. Once the cover had been washed I spent ages trying to get the filling back in evenly. I was tempted to put in a zipper in case it ever needs cleaning again, but I didn’t have time to plan it properly. So instead I stitched it back up with some heavy duty thread.

For now I’ve stuck it in a normal pillow case, but my next challenge is to make a suitable cover that won’t get wrinkles. Over all it was quite simple, if a bit messy, and I'm sure it will last me a few more years.

Step Down Sunday
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