29 February 2012

Suitcase of Memories

Since my parents packed up and moved into one of those giant American RVs, things have slowly been making their way across the ocean. Last week I had to meet my Aunt at the airport to collect the latest delivery. I was expecting this innocuous blue bag to be filled with photos, but I found even more treats inside.
Highlights include my old Canadian brownie uniform. It's so tiny! I even still have the pencil on it's special belt clip. I especially loved the scarf which is printed with maple leaves. When Mr Goldfish spotted my Leprechaun six badge he declared it a ninja in a bobble hat.
Even though I continued with Girl Scouts when I moved to the States, it was a completely different experience. In Canada we had a large group with at least six sixes, while the Ohio had small independent troops of about eight girls. I went from a brown and gold Canadian uniform I loved - to just the bright and colourful Girl Scouts sash. I wish I could remember what all the buttons and patches meant.
I also found a envelope of loose patches from Girls Guides, Girls Scouts, swimming, bowling league, and roller skating lessons. Hopefully I'll think of some craft project I can use them on!
Digging deeper, I found a collection of coins: a set of Britain's First Decimal Coins, a set of Canadian coins from the year I was born, two Silver Jubilee crowns, a Queen Mother's 80th birthday crown...
and a gorgeous vintage map of Canada!
And finally in addition to the expected family photographs, there was also my parents wedding album.
A treasure trove of nostalgia and vintage treats, now I just have to find homes for it all!