5 March 2012

Quilting Class: Week One

At last month's WI meeting we began organising our first special interest groups. I was thrilled when discover Val had offered to run a quilting class! I've always been tempted by quilting, but back in school my first attempts went badly wrong. So an opportunity to learn properly was too good to pass, and I immediately signed up.
Our first class was last week, and includes women of all ages. It's lovely to be in a much smaller group, where you get more chance to chat and get to know people. Each person is going to sew two blocks, which will then be combined into a single quilt. This will give us opportunity to quickly learn how to make a quilt from start to finish. At the end of the meeting we were sent home with a pack of material and instructions on how to build our blocks.

First you have to plan your design, matching the fabrics and deciding how wide each strip will be.

Once you've decided, you sew the pieces together with a precise quarter inch seam.

When all the pieces are sewn together you iron all the seams in the same direction.

After ironing it's time to trim the square down to 12.5 inches.
To make it a bit more interesting, once you've levelled the top edge you cut the square into two pieces. Then you rotate the top piece 180°, so the stripes run in opposite directions.
Then we added a stripe of red between the two pieces. At the bottom you can see how much I trimmed off to level the top edge.
Finally we embroidered a small motif on our blocks, so we'd be able to identify them in the finished blanket.

Unfortunately one of my squares is a touch short; I don't think the material for my red stripe was quite wide enough. Hopefully it will all work out, we're having our second class tonight so I'll find out soon!