4 March 2012

Step Down Sunday - Furniture Adoption

I’m afraid this week we’ve been rather rubbish. Mr Goldfish has been really busy with job interviews and work appeals, while I’ve been distracted by quilting, family photos, hospital appointments and organising the house for my parents visit. So we've slipped a bit, buying a couple of plastic storage boxes and buying easy food from Tesco.

One thing we have done over the last month though was find homes for some old furniture. I hate taking furniture to the tip, so for over a year we’ve been dodging around an old bookshelf and a small dining table. Mr Goldfish’s sister has just bought her first house, so this seemed the perfect opportunity to find these items a new home.
Tables are swapped around Mr Goldfish's family like kids trading stickers. We picked up this table from Mr Goldfish's Nanna, at the time we had a rickety drop leaf table that was a nightmare to eat on and work from. It's a great little table, but only seats four people. So when we were offered my mother-in-laws large well-built dining table I jumped at the chance, but I didn't have the heart to throw the round table away.

Our house isn't especially roomy, so finding space for a table, bookshelf and a sofa bed is a challenge. (By the way does anyone want a sofa bed? Only three previous owners!) So an opportunity to send these pieces to a new home is a huge relief.

As you might have noticed most of our furniture has been previously owned...less by choice than circumstance (including all the awful carpets!) I find it difficult, but I'm trying to embrace the eclectic style as buying second-hand is more eco-friendly. Hopefully if I actually get to choose our second-hand furniture in the future it will eventually come together as a warm and welcoming house!

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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