26 March 2012

Step Down Sunday - Bits and Bobs

Step Down Sunday The last week has been filled with preparations for my sister-in-law's wedding, which means this week's  Step Down Sunday is a just a tiny bit late.

To be honest, the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the huge problems we are facing as a national community. The political fight to save the NHS, the appalling changes to disabled benefits and our commitment to low-carbon living have all felt like insurmountable problems. Despite our efforts we've been unable to make our voices heard and it’s made me feel quite helpless.

This week at our Quaker discussion group we watched a sustainability lecture, which I found quite depressing and hopeless. The changes we need to make seem so extreme that it's overwhelming...but it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Our commitment doesn't require us to feel enthusiastic and positive all the time, simple to keep working towards our goal - and that's where Step Down Sunday helps, tackling these challenges one small decision at a time.

While it’s been harder to stick to our low-carbon commitment lately, and we have slipped in some ways – it’s the long term plan that’s important. So even though big changes have seemed unachieveable we have still managed some small choices.

This week we took Mr Goldfish’s suit to a Green Earth Dry Cleaners, which uses liquid silicone instead of perchloroethylene which is considered a toxic air contaminant.

Instead of buying another tin of Vaseline lip balm, I found a locally made Beeswax and Honey lip balm (by Mayflower Apiaries) at the farm shop.

We bought another of the Mrs William’s Lemon Drizzle cakes for a Mother’s Day gift.

And finally Chouxchouxbedoo and I went on a thrifting outing through the charity shops in our area. I found several pieces of fabric at bargain prices, a walking stick seat I first spotted in the National Trust shop last year (hopefully I’ll be able to visit museums more easily now), and I found a cute Foirelli handbag for just £2.

So nothing big and special this week, but at a time when I'm feeling overwhelmed and hopeless – I think these efforts are a small victory.

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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