18 March 2012

Step Down Sunday - Hanky Panky

One of the problems with eating delicious foods I’m intolerant to, is that I end up with a chronic running nose. I try to keep Kleenex in my hand bag or pockets, but they never last long. They get crumpled and grimy, torn and tattered - so they often get binned without being used. I decided for this week’s Step Down Sunday it was time to find something more durable and reusable.

I quickly encountered several problems. First they're surprisingly difficult to find! I’d hoped to find some pretty vintage inspired patterns rather than plain colours, but other than the huge hankies from Cath Kidston, most were quite boring.

My second problem was the cost. I started searching through the high street shops, and generally a single hankie was about £8 or a set of five plain ones sold for £10. I didn't really want spend ten quid just to try something new. The lovely @VintagePleasure  (who also writes Vintage Pleasure) suggested trying eBay and found this pack of six floral handkerchiefs in Scotland for just £1.75!

They looked perfect and at just £1.75 they were ideal for a trial run. Oddly enough the pack came with two blue hankies, three purple, and just the one peach - which was slightly disappointing as the purple was my least favourite colour.

I've been carrying one of these hankies around for a couple of weeks now. My first frustration comes from my lack of pockets! I remember my grandmother used to keep her hankie tucked under her elasticated watch strap, and I find myself irritated I can't do the same. Instead I've tucked it in my handbag, but that's not nearly as convenient. My second disappointment is that being 70% polyester they aren't actually that absorbent - which sort of defeats the purpose of the hankies.

Not quite the success I was hoping for, I've decided to add these pretty hankies to my fabric stash for a future project and to keep looking for a 100% cotton hankie which will hopefully be more practical!

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