11 March 2012

Step Down Sunday - Quaker Veg Garden

Usually on Step Down Sunday I write about something we've done to reduce out personal carbon footprint, but this week I'm going to write about a community effort we're involved with. Part of the Quaker commitment also includes reducing the environmental impact of our meeting house and grounds. So last weekend we broke ground on our new meeting house vegetable garden.
One of our members runs an organic farm, so she's been teaching us all about the importance of crop rotation. Our garden is going to have four dug beds and one raised bed.

We're growing potatoes & squash in the first bed; onions & peas in the second; cauliflower & turnips in the third; and lettuce leaves, carrots & parsnips in the fourth. This is a just general categorisation, for example beans will be growing with the peas and garlic with the onions.
Despite the drizzle the whole meeting got involved including the children. We successfully dug two beds and we've begun clearing the land for the third and fourth. (We've also started a bed for wild flowers in the graveyard, which should hopefully encourage bees and wildlife.)
While this is just the start, we're all feeling quite enthusiastic and positive about this endeavour; and hopefully with the whole meeting involved, the work won't feel as heavy.

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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