2 April 2012

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Freckles FamilyYou may have noticed that I have a thing for Emma Bridgewater pottery, so when I heard there was a special Bridgewater cross-stitch pattern in CrossStitcher Magazine I had to buy a copy.

I've been rather impressed with the magazine, and flipping through the pages, I found a quick and simple pattern I couldn't wait to try!
It only took a couple evenings to stitch the pattern, but that was mostly because I accidentally bought the wrong colour thread (woe betide those who put embroidery floss back in the wrong basket). Now all it needs is a pretty gingham ribbon to tie around the top.
This was also my first attempt at framing in a hoop. Luckily there were directions in the magazine, though I'm not sure I got it quite right. The little dragon is certainly not impressed!

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