18 April 2012

On the Market

As if I wasn’t busy enough with our new WI meetings, driving lessons and waiting for our first IVF appointment – it looks like we’ve decided to move! Well that may be over egging the pudding, we’ve decided to tidy up the house and put it on the market.

The decision is a culmination of several things: Our car’s been hit again (another £900 of damage), Mr Goldfish’s parents are looking to sell their old house, and Mr Goldfish is starting a new job in May. The ridiculous parking situation on our street has certainly been enough motivation to start looking, but I’m also envious of my in-law’s old place - I miss having a house with space. Finally with the new job we can actually afford to move!
Our current house isn’t that bad a size, but the previous owners really left their mark on the house. It has an awful Artex infestation - and worse it's a badly done Artex. It looks like someone used our house for practise, every room had at least one wall of Artex. While we've removed the worst of it, these examples still remain.
We have an amazing collection of ugly granny carpets too. The top four decorate the upstairs bedrooms & hall  while the bottom ones cover the downstairs. Before you go thinking those plain patterned carpets at the bottom aren't too bad, I should mention those are the kitchen and bathroom carpets...it's just not good.
We also have stunning collection of textured wall paper - this selection is from just two rooms! Though it makes it hard to photograph, I thank my stars that it's all painted white.
With the new job we could try and do it up nicely, but it seems ridiculous to renovate a house we desperately want to leave - at this point I think I’d rather cut and run.

We’ll have a challenge as the house next to us is being sold off at a shockingly cheap price (we think the bank has foreclosed on it), but it made me realise there might be some real bargains out there. A quick search on RightMove offered up one gem, which we realised we could afford even before starting the new job!

So we decided. Even if we don’t like this house when we view it, we’re not in a hurry - we can afford to wait till our perfect house comes on the market.

Until then we better call in the plasterers and the estate agents!