29 April 2012

Step Down Sunday - Home-made Febreze

After the success I’ve been having with home-made ‘shampoo’ I started looking for home-made cleaners. So for this week’s Step Down Sunday I figured I’d give you all a break from the ‘No Poo’ experiment and share a recipe for home-made Febreze instead.

I love cats, but they do get themselves in awkward situations. Last weekend Mac snuck into the spare bedroom when I wasn’t looking. Unfortunately I shut the door and left the house soon after. So he spent several hours trapped on his own...without a litter tray. It’s no surprise that he’d had an accident by the time I got home.

Cat on the bed

As I couldn’t throw the cover in the wash, I need to find a new way to tackle the problem. After spot cleaning it with Ecover Delicate Wash, the smell still lingered. Normally I’d be tempted to buy some Febreze, but I turned to Pinterest for an alternative. I found several potential recipes at Curbly (keep scrolling to the bottom for more). I decided to try:
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda 
  • 1 tablespoon of fabric softener 
  • 1 ½ cups of water 
  • All combined in an empty spray bottle.
Home-made Febreze

There were some concerns in the comments that fabric softener isn’t something you’d want to inhale – however I used eco-friendly Ecover Fabric Softener which I’m less concerned about. I think the fabric softener mostly adds a bit of scent, so next time I may just try the baking soda and water on its own.

So besides saving £3 by making something at home - I’ve also reduced the packaging, the “food” miles of the product, and created a mixture that hopefully has less chemicals than normal Febreze.

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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