8 April 2012

Step Down Sunday - No Poo: Week Two

For the last week I've continued to replace my normal shampoo and conditioner with bicarbonate soda and vinegar. I found several blogs on Pinterest that gave different recipes, but they didn't really give much detail. They might say which recipe they preferred, but didn't really explain why. So I'm going to try and give a bit more detail about what's working for me and why.

My hair is about shoulder length, very fine, with a slight wave and tends to be dry. When using shampoo I washed my hair two to three times a week.

Many of the blogs I read mentioned that there may be a transition period while your hair adjusts to the milder cleansers. Because the hair is not being stripped of all its oils, it may be greasy for a while till the scalp adjusts and stops producing so much oil. I have found my hair is looking a bit greasy on the second day, but it hasn't been too bad.

Other blogs also mentioned that they washed their hair much less often. One woman only used the Bicarbonate of Soda once a week, just rinsing her hair on other days. I've been wary of over washing my hair, so on Monday I tried just rinsing my hair in the hopes I could remove enough of the grease so I could wait a day before washing it properly. This failed utterly! Rinsing didn't remove any of the grease, so I ended up drying my hair and then using dry shampoo just to be presentable. I think if I need stop gap measure again I'll reach for the dry shampoo first. I have found a natural dry shampoo recipe so I may try that soon.

Otherwise I'm really pleased with the liquid recipe I found last week, just one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a cup of water. Applied to dry hair, it's really easy to tell when you've covered it all. The only tricky part has been applying it. I've been using a kitchen jug, which can be a bit hard to control. One of the blogs I read recommended using squeeze bottles, so I ordered a couple off Amazon which arrived yesterday. I've only used them the once, but with the extra control I used just a fraction of the mixtures!

Finally one change I have noticed the extra curl it's giving my hair! My lazy wave has a lot more body and volume...I just wish I knew what to do with it.

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