24 May 2012

Design Geekery

I’m not naturally a patient person, so when things get beyond my control I have to find something to keep me busy (...like selling a house!) Unfortunately this pathological need to ignore what’s going on makes it rather difficult to write. I find it’s nearly impossible to write from the heart while desperately pretending life is normal and we aren’t waiting for our IVF to start. Though I’ve not been able to post regularly to Another Goldfish that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy. Instead I’ve been stretching my design muscles with some website improvements.

Hopefully you’ll have noticed the new goldfish banner I put up a few months ago. Besides giving the site a unique style, it’s also freed up more space for articles and links on the front page.

I’ve also added pretty new share buttons at the bottom of my posts. This is actually the second set of share buttons I’ve set up. The original code was sleek and tidy, but it didn’t attract much attention. Make sure to check out the new Pinterest button, Mr Goldfish has written up special code so you can pick the picture you’d like to pin (and means I don’t need to select a photo for each article!)

After Blog Camp last month, getting connected with Google+ seemed a good idea. So if you look to the top left you’ll find a new button that takes you to the new Another Goldfish Google+ Page. At the moment there’s not much conversation on Google+, but you will get notification of any new posts.

Of course there are plenty of other ways to keep up to date with Another Goldfish. You can always add us to your RSS Reader, like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter. You can also follow us on hellocotton, which is a new blog network. It looks like a brilliant way to find new interesting blogs!

Finally I also added the LinkWithin gadget at the bottom, which has already revealed several old posts I'd forgotten about!

So what do you think of the new design? Are there any problems in your web browser? Did I miss any must have features or networks you think I should have added?