31 May 2012

Olympic Meme

Helen over at Casa Costello is hugely excited by the forthcoming 2012 Olympics and has asked me to answer nine Olympic related questions (originally started by Lou from Bloggomy). While I do get excited about the Olympics, it’s usually the winter games rather than the summer. It’s probably not surprising that as a Canadian I find hockey, curling, figure skating and luge more thrilling than sprinting and jumping. Mostly I'm looking forward to the closing ceremony show!

1. If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?

Email management – I’ve got more email addresses than you can imagine!

2. As a child (or now even) did you excel at a particular sport and if so which one?

Though I’ve taken lessons in everything from tennis to roller skating, I never excelled at anything. However I used to race small sailboats, I had the distinction of being last in every single race...usually by some way.

3. Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) – which sport appeals to you more?

Water sports have always appealed more than track events, so I’ll go with Michael Phelps.

4. How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if miss the alarm and sleep in?

I’m sure I’ve dashed out of the house in less than 10 minutes before – usually on our way to Quaker meeting on Sunday!

5. What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?

I like Janine’s suggestion of Quidditch, but cat wrangling and the ten minute tidy could be contenders too.

6. Claim to fame time – Have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?

Not that I know of, but I probably wouldn't know unless they had a medal hanging around their neck.

7. What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?

At the Vancouver Olympics the Canadians took home an amazing 14 gold medals! The most ever won in a single winter games - and even better, that includes both the Canadian Women & Men’s hockey teams defeating the USA in the finals to take gold!

8. Tuning in at home, not for me or tickets clamped ready in sweaty palms?

We were tempted to get tickets, but didn’t feel we could plan that far ahead.
I think we may need to arrange some Olympic parties though!

9. Who do you think most deserves a gold medal (any walk of life not just Olympians)?

I’m going to go with doctors and nurses, specifically those that can still offer kindness and support to patients despite the stress and pressure of their jobs. They make a positive impact of hundreds of people each week who are often feeling at their most vulnerable.

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