6 May 2012

Step Down Sunday – 'No Poo’: Week 6

Reduced 'No Poo' Mixture
Now in week six of my ‘No Poo’ experiment, this has definitely been my most complex Step Down. After sorting out the hard water problem a few weeks ago (which had been giving my hair a soapy coating), I finally had a better idea of how my hair was reacting to the baking soda & vinegar treatment. Unfortunately tweaking the recipe is a very slow process. I use a cup of water as my basic measure, but each mixture lasts me at least 10 day if not longer - so it can take quite a while to make changes.

The ends of my hair were already dry before giving up shampoo, but now they seemed even worse. I tried to apply extra vinegar mix to the ends for extra conditioning, but it didn’t seem to help. I’ve been desperately hoping I could get this to work without changing the recipe. Though it sounds silly, I hate altering recipes! Give me a clear set of directions and I’ll be fine, but trying to make something up is like facing a complex math problem – I just don’t know where to start. In the end I decided to try it with half the baking soda, so just 1½ teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in a cup of water.

The bicarb mix seemed to work well, but my hair did come out a bit heavy, not quite greasy - but not quite right either. I suspect that it was too much vinegar. I’d been using an awful lot to counteract the hard water and the extra bicarbonate of soda. Obviously the next step was to halve the amount of vinegar I used, so just 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar in a cup of water. I ended up using an a lot more mixture this time and my hair still felt a bit coarse, but after it dried it felt much, much better.

I suspect I really need something in between the two recipes, so next time I’ll try 3 tablespoons of vinegar next and see if that’s a better balance. As I used so much of the vinegar mix, I don’t think it will be long before I’m trying the new recipe out!

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