13 May 2012

Step Down Sunday – Patience

Step Down SundayThe last few weeks I haven’t been able to make the Step Downs I’d been hoping for, but it’s not through lack of trying.

With my parents coming to visit we thought it might be time to buy a new bathroom hand towel as our is about four years old and rather worn. We want to buy an organic towel - figuring that while they are very expensive, a hand towel should still be affordable. Unfortunately no one on the high street seems to stock them anymore. We’ve been through John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams & Dunelm Mill - all with no luck. We have found some online, but they couldn’t be delivered in time.

I’ve also been looking for some stretched canvas pictures for a WI silk painting class. We’re pinning fabric to the back of the frame, so it doesn’t matter what’s on the front. I’ve been hoping I might find some old pictures in the local charity shops, but so far I’ve been out of luck.

Finally I’ve been trying to think of an eco-friendly first birthday present, for our friend’s son. We got the party invitation rather late, so I couldn’t order something online. I suspect we’ll end up buying some FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) children’s books, but I’ve been hoping I'll think of something more environmentally friendly.

The important part of each of these situations is that I didn't give in and buy the easy alternative. I've made do with the old towel, I've started looking for the frames early, and I've not given in and bought a cheap plastic toy that will quickly go in the bin. So even though I haven't been able to make the choices I wanted, I've not given up on our Step Down commitment as soon as it became inconvenient. 

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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