27 May 2012

Step Down Sunday – Reusable Bags

This week has been disrupted by the arrival of my parents, so while we didn’t manage to make any big changes, we did manage to continue some good habits. While they’ve been visiting we’ve popped out to the grocery store daily, but I’ve encouraged them to take our reusable shopping bags.

Reusable Shopping Bags

We’ve been using reusable bags for years, but it took us a long time to find a system that worked. We have a huge collection of bags- we have the standard hemp bags, huge but cheap Tesco bags, folding carrier bags and my favourites made from recycled bottles!

Mr Goldfish keeps the folding bags in his work satchel for when he picks up bits after work. The hemp bags are great for a big shop, but are so big and inflexible that they only live in the boot of the car. Finally my favourite bags are used for everything! Besides being made from recycled materials, they fold up reasonably small, hold lots and have trendy Cath Kidston floral and polka dot patterns.

Reusable Shopping Bag Storage

The real trick though was finding somewhere to keep the empty bags so we’d remember to return them to the car. In the end we just started hanging them on the end of the banister. It’s not especially tidy, but they’re close enough to the door that we spot them as we dash out of the house.

The only thing missing is a bag that packs up small enough to fit in my handbag! I’ve looked around, but they are all a bit too big, so last night I sent Mr Goldfish into the loft to fetch my scrap fabric box. I have some rip-stop fabric left over from a university project, and I think there’s just enough to make myself a small carrier bag. So give me a couple of weeks to come up with a pattern and we’ll see if I’m successful!

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