27 June 2012

Proof that Patience can be Rewarding

As if life wasn’t busy enough at the moment, last Thursday I got an email that had me bounding around the house in excitement. After years of relisting my wedding dress over and over, someone actually wanted to buy it! In fact they were even willing to pay more if I’d stop the auction early!

At first I was scared to even mention it out loud, as if somehow that might sour my luck. I was also aware that being a high price item, we were always at risk of scams and tricksters and I was slightly worried that stopping the auction early was some sort of ploy – but by Friday night I had the money in my PayPal account.

Luckily the buyer lived in Manchester, so I offered to drop the dress off. I’d do anything to avoid the risk involved with sending things through the post! I worried the dress may never arrive, or that the buyer may just claim the dress never arrived. I also worried that she was buying the wedding dress without even trying it on! What if she received the dress and then decided she didn’t like it? That sound like a ring of ebay hell I’d rather avoid. So Saturday morning we packed the dress box in the car and went to meet the mysterious person that bought my dress.

When we arrived I suggested she check the dress, just so I could be sure she was happy with it. Without a care she quickly whipped it out of the box in the middle of their small kitchen. She did seem quite excited and called for someone down the hall, in hopped a floppy haired man trying to put his socks on. It turns out they’d actually bought it on behalf of a friend, and they were sure she was going to love it. As he adjusted his bow tie, the floppy haired bloke asked if we’d been told what the dress was for...

I’d apparently stumbled across a group of Doctor Who look-a-likes! I already knew my wedding dress was the same make and model as the dress worn by Catherine Tate in the ‘Runaway Bride’ and thought it might appeal to a Whovian bride, but I’d never imagined someone would spend so much for a costume!

From my point of view it was ideal! She wasn’t looking for the prefect wedding dress to make her day, but this exact dress. So if the fit was a bit off or there was a sequin missing that would be fine. Even a few wrinkles wouldn’t be a concern when you’re wearing it all day at a cosplay convention. I was hugely relived, and quite please that my wedding dress is likely to be well loved and used.

And from my perspective, I’ve made a profit on my wedding dress. I originally found it on sale for £300 in Debenhams but saved another £30 by taking out a credit card. After all the ebay and PayPal fees have been paid I think I’ll have received about £307 for the dress. A £37 profit does make me feel better about a wedding dress I felt frumpy in on the day.

Years ago I’d hoped this money would pay for a nursery glider, but of course starting a family hasn’t been quite that easy and the glider I’d been hoping for has even been discontinued since then. For now the money will just go into the baby saving account, and will probably be borrowed to help us fix the roof so we can sell the house.