24 June 2012

Step Down Sunday – Finding New Homes

One added benefit of going low-carbon is that it can sometimes save you money. This week I decided to clear out some things I didn’t really need, so I took advantage of an eBay free listing day. Mostly I listed pieces of Bridgewater china which are rarely used. Things that hadn’t been as practical as I’d hoped or I’d bought in the sales on a whim.

One advantage of avoiding cheap disposable products is that when the time comes you can often sell it on for a reasonable price, thus extending its life. Granted I bought most of my Bridgewater tableware on sale, but I’ve been able to list everything for a touch more than I paid for it...and almost everything was snapped up on the first day! (Which luckily pays for a couple of treats I indulged in the last few weeks.)

Of course tableware generally doesn’t show wear and tear, so it keeps its value - but other items do as well. Obviously the best option would be to buy these items second hand in the first place, but when that isn’t possible finding a new home for your unneeded items at least keeps them out of the land fill.

Though sending things to the charity shop is the standard answer, but I often worry that charity shops are just a momentary pause on the way to the landfill. By listing things on eBay I'm more hopeful they'll go to a home where they'll be well used and appreciated.

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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