10 June 2012

Step Down Sunday – The Renovation Juggle

Old fluorescent light fixture
We’re in the process of fixing the house up to sell. Mostly that means calling the plasterer in to finish up our hallway, but we’re also trying to show the house at its best. We had bare fluorescent tubes in our kitchen and utility room. The kitchen was mostly dirty, but the utility rooms light was also rusting – which makes the 70s cupboards look even more tatty and dated.

Our challenge was to improve both these problems, while still avoiding unnecessary purchases. The rusty light fitting really needed to be replaced, but the kitchen light just had decades of grease from the previous owner - so we decided to try a bit of a juggle.
Wickes Fluorescent Light
We bought one new light fitting with a diffuser from Wickes, which made the kitchen look more presentable. Then we gave the old kitchen fitting a good cleaning and scrapped off any old paint. It’s still not perfect, but it’s good enough to replace the rusted utility room light.
Granted some people out there may have been able to sand off all the rust and repaint the old fixture – but that 'Step' is still a bit too big for us. Even though we couldn’t get away with not buying anything, we were still able to improve two rooms with a single purchase.

Step Down Sunday Have you made any Steps Down this week?

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