3 June 2012

Step Down Sunday - Silk Painting

Whenever our WI starts a new craft class you’ll find my name at the top of the list. Besides the fun of learning new skills, the more things we learn to do ourselves - the lower our carbon footprint should be. This week’s class has been silk painting (granted not immediately practical, but all skills are good) for which we needed a stretched canvas. After searching through charity shops for weeks, I finally found just what I needed.
It was a brand new artist canvas, still in its shrink-wrap, but had obviously been in someone’s shed or loft for a few years. Once you removed the plastic it was absolutely perfect. So with my charity shop canvas and a handful of embroidery hoops I’d bought for another project, I was ready to get started.

The first class was pretty simple. We stretched our silk over the canvas and secured it with pins. Once the silk was pulled tight as a drum we used the tubes of Gutta to make our designs. Gutta is a bit like the lead in a stained glass window, keeping the coloured sections apart. It's a bit hard to see in the photo below, but hopefully it gives you the idea. We were just making random designs so we could practice, but I wasn’t entirely happy with them.

Janine from Chouxchouxbedoo came up with the clever idea of starting over again. So I copied her lead and washed the Gutta off my silk with warm water. Just a quick iron later and I was ready to start again. This time I drew my pattern on a piece of paper first, placed my hoop on top, and then I traced it with the Gutta. In just ten minutes I was finished and ready for the next class.

So Monday night we broke out the dyes! I started with my fishy scene as it was my least favourite. Silk painting reminds me a lot of water-colour painting...which is also something I’m rubbish at. The finished aquatic scene isn't that bad, but I really misjudged the blues I used for the water.

My second attempt was much more successful! By fortuitous accident I didn’t wash the original Gutta out completely, leaving a shadow of the old design. I really like the effect!

While silk painting didn't seem very practical at first, it could be brilliant for home-made gifts. Sue who ran the class turned her piece into a gorgeous notebook cover, but you can also make scarves, cards and other crafts. It could be a brilliant choice for this year's Christmas gifts! So even though silk painting didn't appear to be an eco-friendly skill, the more we learn the more self sufficient we can be!

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