19 June 2012

Shiny Somethings

I've been struggling to write the last few weeks, so thought I'd try something new. Instead of trying to write some huge dissertation I thought I might just share five little things I've found each week. (Make that four - I've already stumbled at the first hurdle.)

1.   First up is my bargain purchase of the week! A pair of Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Egg Cups. I'd been trying to resist buying anything from the Diamond Jubilee collection, as it was hard to justify the cost when we are looking to move house, but I stumbled across a shop in Liverpool selling these lovelies at nearly half price! (They also had the pretty crowns on sale for £60 and though tempting that was a bit too decadent.) I didn't have any egg cups and these immediately charmed me at the Emma Bridgewater Open Day earlier this year. A bit of an indulgence, at least Bridgewater tableware counts as a local purchase!

2.  My best-friend back home got engaged recently and though she's not yet set a date, I really need to start saving my pennies so I can go to her wedding. Though we can't avoid the transatlantic flights over (though I did try. I even looked up information about travelling by container ship!) we'd like to avoid any internal flights while we're there. At the same time this maybe one of our last opportunities to visit Canada. So I've been looking up information about 'The Canadian' cross-country rail service. It starts in either Vancouver or Toronto and then stops in a city in each province. It's not cheap, but I'd love the chance to visit the beautiful west coast. Even if we can't afford the cross-country trip, a shorter rail journey to Ottawa/Montreal should be manageable. Must start saving!

3.   I've been feeling really out of sorts the last week, so I spent most of the week curled up with a good book...or four. I really enjoyed the Hunger Games Trilogy! I'll be going back to read those again soon. As for One Day, I'd already seen the film. I'm not sure the book really brought much more to the story. Not bad, but I don't think I'll be revisiting it any time soon.

4.   is this brilliant cake I found on Pinterest! Though probably quite tedious and time consuming to switch between all those colours, it looks like the icing is awfully forgiving and would cover up any lumpy cake mistakes!

I'm hoping that these highlight posts will become a regular feature, but I need to find a better name. So if anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it!