11 July 2012

11 Questions

I've been tagged by My Mummy Life to answer 11 challenging questions, before creating my own 11 questions to pass on to another 11 lucky bloggers. I'm afraid I'm a bit late with this as things have been quite busy over the last week. But now that my parent have boarded a flight home, I'm hoping things will calm down a bit! So to get myself back on schedule, here's my 11 Answers.

1. What’s the best £1000 you’ve ever spent?

I seem to spend way over £1,000 or way under, so I've been racking my brain for purchases around that ballpark. In the end there was an obvious answer: emigrating to the UK. Once you add up the flight and the cost of shipping five boxes of belongings, the total was at least close to $1,000.

2. If you could do any other job, what would it be?

I think I might be a dancer if my joints hadn't packed up years ago. Not the Broadway type though, just the local dance instructor who does ballroom competitions on the side. I also think instead of product design I should have gone into crafting, not sure I could make a living at it but I think I'd have been happier.

3. Post your favourite photo (of yourself, your family, a holiday – anything).

Picking a favourite photo is nearly impossible, if for no other reason than I'm quite contrary. I'll often love a photo for years and then suddenly decided I don't like it any more. This is probably my current favourite, which I took it about a year ago while visiting Southwold.

4. What makes you lose your temper?

I asked Mr Goldfish this and his answer was 'When you're in pain'. Specifically having to repeat actions or myself over and over makes me angry when I'm already tired and hurting.

Personally I suspect I get most angry when people tell me I'm wrong. In my defence, it's only when I'm more than 90% sure I'm right and I'm not given opportunity to justify my case.

5. Most cherished household appliance?

This one is really hard! I have a couple of gorgeous appliances back from my kitchen writing days, but they don't get used very often. It may be the tumble dryer that I'm most fond of - my clothes tend to be too painful without one.

6. Ever won an award?

I've won a couple of competitions but not really any awards. My best was probably winning concert tickets in a dance contest, but that was mostly because the best dancers had other commitments that night.

7. The song that sums up your life?

I'm not sure I know any song that sum up my life, but this one has really tickled me lately. It certainly describes where I find myself spiritually - though I'm not as fond of Quaker study as Jon here.

I'm afraid the song's has some obscure references, many of which seem related to internal Quaker politics* in the States, but I like the main message.

*While British Quakers tend to be relatively uniform, American Quakers appear to have fractured into liberal and conservative communities.

8. Favourite sandwich filling?

I love cheese sandwiches! Brie & Cranberry, Grilled Cheese, Cheese & Onion, but my favourite is probably a Ploughman's.

9. What was your first car (non-drivers need not answer) and did it have a name?

My first car was a 1983 Cadillac DeVille (that's my aunt stood next to it in the picture). Before you go thinking I was a decadent rich kid, this was in about 1994 so it was over ten years old. It was huge, my friends nicknamed it the "Land Yacht"! It was so wide you could comfortably nap on the back seat. I even took my driving test in this car which made the parallel parking portion quite a challenge.

10. Which holiday destination would you most like to go back to?

I have a real fondness for Center Parc's and I'm sure we'll be going regularly for at least a few more years. I'm not sure that really counts as a holiday destination though.

I think I'd be quite tempted to go back to Barcelona too. We've twice stayed in a holiday apartment there while Mr Goldfish attended work conferences and it's a lovely combination of architecture, culture, and sea front. 

11. What would you do with your time if the internet ceased to exist tomorrow?

I'd probably turn to books. I'm a voracious reader, which is why I love the internet. It's an endless source of information - an it's all free! Trying to keep me in books would cost a fortune, even if I joined the library.

So now on to my 11 Questions:

1. We should always start with our strengths, so what is your best attribute?
2. What is your favourite UK city to visit?
3. What's the best bargain you've ever found?
4. Everyone has a secret talent even if it's silly or inconsequential - what's yours?
5. What's you favourite type of cheese?
6. Where is your internet home?
7. What is your preferred craft or skill (knitting, embroidery, organising, fashion)?
8. If you were a food, what would you be?
9. Give us one random fact about yourself:
10. When you need a break or a treat, what is your favourite indulgence?
11. If you were given £500 right now what would you do with it?

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