19 July 2012

Shiny Somethings

I started Shiny Somethings a few weeks ago, as a way to share things I've found and love. I'm really pleased with the format and I've been thrilled to see Bell's Little One share some of her own. But there is one change I think I'll make, and that's moving to fortnightly posting. So I hope you enjoy this week's gems, and I'll see you back in a couple of weeks!

1.  Things our grandmothers should have told us about the internet.

Geek Mummy linked to this fabulous photo collection of internet advice. Probably a foreshadowing of things we'll tell our own grandchildren, these photo are like a message from the future. My favourite is "Don't trust what you read and see on Wikipedia" it's bound to be my future mantra.
Source: artoo.bo.lt via Another on Pinterest

2.  Phase Eight Kazumi Maxi Dress

I've got a wedding to attend in two weeks and I've been a bit worried I wouldn't find a suitable dress. I was really smitten by this dress a few weeks ago, but it was a bit expensive and I wasn't looking for a dress yet (because lately I've been eating my way through busyness and stress). So when I spotted it again in the John Lewis sale racks, I decided I at least had to try it on. It's absolutely gorgeous! Comfy and slimming, it's the holy grail of dresses! It's still expensive, even on sale, but I think I might need a bit of a treat by the time the wedding rolls around.

3.  This is Our Planet

This is a gorgeous view of our planet, that lets you fly through the earth's upper atmosphere. Made by Tomislav Safundžić, the time-lapse video uses photos taken from the International Space Station.

4. Cath Kidston T-Shirts

Finally I picked up these cute t-shirts in the Cath Kidston sale. They were a bargain at just £10! I can't say they are an especially ethical or eco-purchase, but they are made in Portugal which was pleasant a surprise. I also picked up one of Cath Kidston's Hankies as I've not found a better alternative yet. Hopefully it will make a good start for another Step Down Sunday.

If you'd like to share your own Shiny Somethings, feel free to leave a link below!