1 July 2012

Step Down Sunday - Resisting Temptation

Step Down Sunday As I was writing last week's Step Down Sunday I realised I was resisting an obvious Step Down, instead I was being tempted by something new and shiny.

I’ve been looking to buy a Filofax to use as a blog planner. It’s taken me a while work out what I needed, but I eventually settled on one of the Slimline models. I’d spotted the Filofax Slim Finsbury on sale at WHSmith for £19.35 (more than 50% off), which seemed too good a deal to pass up! But as I wrote last week’s Step Down Sunday I realised that Filofax was one of those brands I was talking about that hold their value. In fact Filofax is a brilliant example, as people often buy them and only use them a few times before stuffing them in a drawer. This means that you can get a virtually new organiser for a fraction of the price – and with no carbon cost.

Filofax Finsbury Slim

I once read an article that talked about how much we needed to cut our general spending by in order to lead a sustainable life. Granted it was a drastic amount, but the bit that caught my attention was the way they counted second hand goods. Any item you buy new you have to count against your carbon footprint, but anything you buy second hand is basically carbon-free because the original buyer has already paid the carbon cost. So even though the new WHSmith Filofax is on sale for a similar price as a second hand one, it costs more environmentally because its carbon-footprint hasn’t been reduced.

Filofax Slimline Finsbury

It was still hard to resist a new shiny organiser, but I instead I turned to ebay. After a couple of failed attempts I finally won this second hand Slim Finsbury for just £7.54 (the low price helped placate my thrifty side). There were a few small scuffs on the cover, but after quick polish with our Hotter Shoe Wax Oil it's looking quite lush!

I’ve also picked up a Rapesco 66-P Diary hole punch, so I can make recycled paper inserts for my Filofax. (Filofax do make some plain recycled paper inserts, but they are a touch expensive.) Though I couldn’t buy the punch second hand, I did choose an adjustable model that should work for several sizes of Filofax. Hopefully this means it will be more versatile and useful, especially if I need to sell it on in the future.

I'll admit I was a bit disappointed when it first arrived, but now I've given it a polish and printed out some pages for my new planner I'm quite pleased by the results. Hopefully my new organiser will be a frequent reminder that second-hand can be just as good!

Step Down Sunday
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