29 July 2012

Step Down Sunday – The Wedding Gift

I’ll admit I’ve slipped a bit the last few weeks. While I have still tried to make environmentally friendly purchases, sometimes I’ve just gone for the quick and easy solution. We attending a wedding yesterday and I assumed I’d just buy something off the gift list...till I discovered they didn’t have one. In a bit of a panic, I turned back to gifts we bought before making our Step Down pledge for inspiration.
It’s a bit of dumb luck really that we decided to go with a Just Slate Cheese Board. We have one of these ourselves, and bring it out for all our special occations. The natural slate helps keep the cheese cool, and acts like a chalk board so you can label each cheese (I just wish it didn't have a foam backing). The Just Slate Cheese Boards are really elegant and hand-made in Scotland. So while not perfect, we do get points for locally made. Unfortunately I completely forgot our pledge when it came to the cheese knife, and just bought one on sale from Debenhams.

I nearly continued this bad streak with the wrapping paper, as I had a coupon for gift wrap in WHSmiths. At the last moment though I remembered how hard it is to recycle wrapping paper. At Christmas we changed to plain brown paper, so I started thinking of ways I could dress up kraft paper up for a wedding.
My first thought was to use lace as a ribbon, but couldn’t really find anything suitable. Most of it had one straight edge and one decorative, which besides being lopsided might make it tricky to tie a pretty bow. Instead I found this lovely blue ribbon with white stitching, which (hopefully) compliments the natural brown paper. I’m also hoping the ribbon will be easier to reuse than lace would be!

I think the clearest lesson from this week is that leaving things till the minute makes it difficult to make environmentally conscientious choices. So not a perfect record this week, but hopefully you'll agree I found a pretty eco-friendly alternative to wedding themed wrapping paper.

Step Down Sunday
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