26 August 2012

Step Down Sunday - Clean Spirits

Step Down Sunday
It’s been a bit tough to come up with Step Down Sundays the last few weeks as life’s mostly been doctor appointments, reading books and getting the house ready to sell. So lots to keep us busy, but we’ve probably slacked a bit on our carbon-footprint.

Getting the house ready has included lots of plastering and painting. While we try to buy water based paints where possible, I’m afraid gloss paint appears to be exclusively oil based. Though we can’t improve the paint, Mr Goldfish has still found a way to reduce the environmental impact of using it.

He found a product called Clean Spirit, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to white spirits. I’ll admit I was a bit dubious that it would actually work. A lot of products like to replace the nasty chemicals with elbow grease and brute force, but Mr Goldfish says Clean Spirit is just as effective!

White Spirits contains a high percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds (800g per litre) which contribute to atmospheric pollution. And while it's not supposed to be poured down the drains, that is how most users dispose of the product. Clean Spirits in contrast has only 38g per litre of VOCs and is no more harmful than washing-up liquid when poured down the sink.

Clean Spirits is a water based solution composed of non-toxic biodegradable ingredients. It’s also odourless and non-flammable, so it’s safer to have around the house too. The only thing it can’t be used for is thinning oil based paints.

A simple way to reduce the environmental impact of DIY, while also making your home a safer place. We found Clean Spirits at B&Q, but it looks like there are plenty of places you can buy it online too.

Step Down Sunday
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