8 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Phase Eight Kazumi Maxi Dress
Phase Eight Kazumi Maxi Dress - John Lewis
Evans Strappy Wedges
It's not often I can write about fashion. Normally I have to prioritise comfort over look - so no harsh fabrics, no long sleeves & no high heels. Instead I search out extra cushioned shoes, seamless clothing, and comfy layers. It's only within the last couple of years I've discovered Hotter Shoes, which let me retire the trainers I'd been stuck in for ten years and feel like a normal person! (Seriously, if you have trouble with your joints or spend much time on your feet you should give them a try.)

The second problem is that my weight swings up and down like a yo-yo, so I don't have any wardrobe basics to fall back on. When ever a wedding appears on my calendar there's a mad search to find something suitable to wear. Unfortunately this time things were also complicated by stress and illness. When my kidney stones act up I feel constantly nauseous, causing me to eat constantly - and combined with comfort eating around my needle anxiety  I could almost guarantee I'd put weight on before the wedding.

So I resisted shopping to the very last minute. With just over a week till the wedding, I hit the shops. I'd struck out in a couple of stores when I spotted this gem from Phase Eight. It's fantastically slimming and very comfortable, which was a good thing as we'd need to do an injection half way through the evening.

The biggest problem was shoes. The night before the wedding I broke down and bought a pair of strappy wedges on sale from Evans (no Step Down points there!).

I did buy a bracelet to go with the dress and tried some dangly earrings, but on the day I thought extra jewellery was a bit too much. Looking back at the photos though I think it does need a touch more sparkle. Hopefully I can find something before the next wedding in February (assuming the dress still fits by then!)

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