23 September 2012

A Whole Year of Step Down Sundays!

I can hardly believe it, but this week marks a whole years worth of Step Down Sundays! We've made some big steps like when I decided not to take internal flights and some very small steps like when I repaired my favourite blanket. I've tried some extreme things like giving up shampoo and some really easy things like using reusable shopping bags.

I can't say every Step Down has been a success and we have slipped back on several of them, but despite this I think it's achieved its goal. The fact we've been made constantly aware of our choices means our low-carbon pledge has always been at the front of our minds. While I'm not sure our carbon footprint has been changed dramatically, hopefully we are changing the way we think.

Life has been a bit stressful over the last few weeks, so I've decided to take a short break from Step Down Sundays to recharge my batteries. Hopefully I'll be back soon with fresh new ideas to reduce our carbon-footprint this Christmas!

If you'd like to flick through our previous posts, you can find them all here in the Step Down archive.

*And just so this post isn't a complete skive, for this week's Step Down Sunday I mended a blown seam on Mr. Goldfish's work trousers while at the WI Book Club. No rest for the wicked!